A whole new brand identity and custom typography for an innovative AI Platform.

What’s the use of having data if you can’t make sense of it? G2K’s AI platform is an answer to that very dilemma. When they approached us, however, they needed a brand identity that was as impactful as their product—which they also needed help naming. So, we created an identity including a custom typeface, and dubbed their platform «Parsifal» after the Wagner Opera, giving them the dramatic weight their innovative tech deserves.

The Market
AI for Retail, Smart Cities & Industry

The Challenge
A complex, but great product for a very diverse target group.

The Outcome
Future proof branding, 30% increase of valuation in 2021 and the biggest AI Exit in Europe in 2023.

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Product Naming      Storytelling      Brand Identity      Web Design

web design      Brand identity      Storytelling      Product Naming

CRU G2K PosterCRU G2K Poster
CRU G2K Teaser
CRU G2K Teaser
CRU G2K IllustrationCRU G2K Illustration
CRU G2K Typeface

«Good2Type» is the custom typeface we created for G2K. Their platform, Parsifal, can be used by any industry from retail, to governmental, to medical care so we designed a typeface that is universally applicable. It’s equal parts professional and playful, while still feeling distinctly in the world of tech.

CRU G2K NotebookCRU G2K Typeface
CRU G2K Website
CRU G2K Website
CRU G2K WebsiteCRU G2K Illustration
CRU G2K Website
CRU G2K Brand PosterCRU G2K Potrait
CRU G2K Office

In an Increasingly Complex World, It’s Always G2K:
Good to Know.


G2K Group GmbH

Project Team

Lasse Giese
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Jonathan Robrecht
Sandra Stäbler
Jan Erlinghagen


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