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Tech forward brand identity that still maintains a human touch.

Isn’t it ironic that the paperwork and bureaucracy of healthcare can be a bit of a headache itself? Thankfully, Nelly Solutions has just what the doctor (and patients) ordered.  

The Market
Practice Management App

The Challenge
Brilliant idea that needed a brand to express itself.

The Outcome
A brand identity that is friendly and inviting, just like your healthcare should be.

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website design    Storytelling  

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Medical brands can be antiquated and stiff, but Nelly wants to bring some levity and fun to the space, while still maintaining an air of professionalism. So we pivoted away from the medical world, exploring warmer color palettes and lifestyle oriented imagery.  

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Healthcare as it Should Be.


Nelly Solutions GmbH

Project Team

Victoria Pineda Quiñónez
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Greer Chapman


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Our brand agency was founded in 2018. Currently we are a team of
 16 branding experts. In total we run over 100 brand projects already.