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A provocative and impactful brand with a strong story behind it.

An AI consultancy that has set out to co-create 1,000 AI breakthroughs with their clients. Why 1,000? Because it’s big enough to make an impact, yet at a scale that they can master. It’s also the new high score for a game they just made up. Ready to play?

The Industry
AI Consultancy

The Challenge
Needed a brand that felt distinct and inviting—while still tech-y and professional.

The Outcome
A striking visual identity and website couples with a thought-provoking story.

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Naming      Storytelling      Brand Identity      Website Design

website design      Brand identity      Storytelling      Naming

CRU OneThousand Business CardCRU OneThousand Business Card
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We renamed the brand One Thousand, after a goal their team set in a workshop. The name speaks to the playful yet pragmatic nature of the company. This also informed the offbeat and striking visual identity that was then fully developed into a website and collateral. 

CRU OneThousand ImageCRU OneThousand Image
CRU OneThousand Poster
CRU OneThousand WebsiteCRU OneThousand Website
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CRU OneThousand Logo PatternCRU OneThousand Poster
CRU OneThousand Website
CRU OneThousand Website
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AI Breakthrough


LEAD Machine Learning GmbH

Project Team

Victoria Pineda Quiñónez
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Jonathan Robrecht
Greer Chapman
Simeon Murzin
Jan Erlinghagen


Oliver Trajceski


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