CRU Mondo Showcase

A fully redesigned and developed website that lends a premium feel to the brand

Everyone deserves a home that feels like home. The most surefire way of giving people that feeling is by giving them modern furniture at a nice price point. Meet: Mondo, one of Germany’s largest furniture providers.

The Industry
Quality Furniture

The Challenge
A website and brand identity that wasn’t inviting enough to perform in the competive market.

The Outcome
A refreshed identity & rebuilt website that feels welcoming and outperformes the competitor.

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Brand refresh      Website Design      UI/UX

website design      Brand refresh      UI/UX

CRU Mondo WebsiteCRU Mondo Showcase
CRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo ShowcaseCRU Mondo Showcase

A new website and digital presence for the brand that throws the doors open to any and all, encouraging them to step in and build a home they can fall in love with at Mondo.

CRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo WebsiteCRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo Website
CRU Mondo Showcase
CRU Mondo Showcase

Fall in Love With Your Home.



Project Team

Lasse Giese
Klara Hieronimus
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Nikola John
Jonathan Robrecht


Oliver Trajceski


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