A brand that visually reflects the confidence and tech forward mentality of the company itself

Machine learning can be like an expensive sports car: lots of fun if you know how to use it but a black hole for money if you don’t. The experts at Merantix Momentum can get you faster and further with an ML project than you could ever imagine.

The Industry
Machine Learning Consultancy

The Challenge
The leading ML Experts try to win over the German Mittelstand.
Coming out of the lab, trying to gain some Momentum.

The Outcome
A new name. An aspirative brand & story. Some templates to impress.

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Naming      Storytelling      Brand Identity      Website Design       type design

website design      Brand identity      Storytelling      Naming      Typedesign

The folks at Merantix Momentum can integrate into any team and develop a machine learning solution for them. Their identity needed to reflect this shapeshifting quality and high tech capability. A moving key animation on the homepage also plays into their shapeshifting abilities.

Keep Moving Forward.


Merantix AG

Project Team

Lasse Giese
Victoria Pineda Quiñónez
Max Lübbe
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Sandra Stäbler
Jonathan Robrecht
Jan Erlinghagen


Jan Schölzel


      There’s more where this came from. Just tell us how we can be of help.

CRU was founded in 2018. Currently we are a team of
 11 people. Our project count
 is: 105