A bold new face for the brand that stands out as much as their products do on the shelves

WIN’s goal? To create beauty and resist against aesthetic decline. Their playground? Your grocery shelves. As 25 year veterans of the packaging industry and avid creators themselves, WIN knew that they needed to give their own brand as much love as they give to their clients.

The Industry
Packaging Design Agency

The Challenge
Visual storytellers that needed to give their own brand some love.

The Outcome
A fully refreshed brand with a more youthful, vibrant flare.

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Storytelling      Brand Identity      Website Design

website design      Brand identity      Storytelling

A fully refreshed brand that gives a more youthful, vibrant flare to the storied powerhouse of the packaging industry. Their redesigned website also helps their physical creations come alive in the digital world.

Beauty to the People.



Project Team

Lasse Giese
Victoria Pineda Quiñónez
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Max Lübbe
John Hearne
Jonathan Robrecht


Oliver Trajceski


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