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Software made to inspire flow and a brand to match

Business process management software is–upon first glance—not the most exciting topic. But look a bit further and you’ll see that it makes people’s jobs—and lives—easier. With Symbio, entire organizations can enter a state of flow.

The Industry
Business Process Management

The Challenge
Innovative software, great client base, but missing brand awareness.

The Outcome
Finally a BPM-Software with a human touch. Strong exit to Celonis in 2023.

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Storytelling      Brand Identity      Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy      Brand identity      Storytelling

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A visual identity and story that captures the idea of flow.

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Symbioworld GmbH

Project Team

Lasse Giese
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Liridona Salihi
Sandra Stäbler
Jonathan Robrecht


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Our brand agency was founded in 2018. Currently we are a team of
 16 branding experts. In total we run over 100 brand projects already.