For the somewhat stiff world of finance, the brand is a bold declaration of what they’re setting out to do

What Deep Blue achieved in chess, Ultramarin is bringing to capital markets: Allowing humans to make better investment decisions—aided by AI.

The Industry
AI Assisted Asset Management

The Challenge
A groundbreaking technology that needed a brand and visual identity that matched their vision. 

The Outcome
A full rebrand from the name up that lends intrigue and ambition.

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Naming      Storytelling      Brand Identity      Website Design

website design      Brand identity      Storytelling      Naming

A full rebrand from the name up. Inspired by IBM’s Deep Blue, we renamed the company Ultramarin and developed a full visual identity from there. This extended to their redesigned website and collateral.

The Future
of Investment Has
a Colour.


Ultramarin GmbH

Project Team

Victoria Pineda Quiñónez
Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Jan Erlinghagen
Jonathan Robrecht


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CRU was founded in 2018. Currently we are a team of
 11 people. Our project count
 is: 105