CRU AI Campus Signage

A cohesive visual identity that reflects the mission and purpose of the space and brand.

What happens when you put Germany’s greatest minds in AI together with the resources, space, and time to collaborate? The good people at Merantix were curious enough to find partners to help them answer this question and create AI Campus Berlin, Germany’s first artificial intelligence incubator. Merantix AI Campus is a hub for innovative thinking and collaboration, so they needed a visual identity that is both tech-y but also inviting. The space itself also needed to encourage this community oriented mentality.

The Industry
Leading AI Community

The Challenge
Find a way to position the ecosystem as the leading one in Europe.

The Outcome
A brand identity and place branding that the young AI Community could grow into and use.

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Brand Identity      Wayfinding      Interior concept

Brand identity      wayfinding      interior concept

CRU AI Campus SignageCRU AI Campus Signage
CRU AI Campus Signage
CRU AI Campus Signage
CRU AI Campus MerchCRU AI Campus Signage

We created a visual identity for AI Campus that is legible, friendly, and human-centric. The intelligence is artificial but it is people who must interact with it after all. This same design philosophy also extended to the physical wayfinding we created for the space.

We also collaborated with furniture brand Vitra to create distinct identities for meeting rooms, inspired by math innovators of the past.

CRU AI Campus Custom ArrowCRU AI Campus Signage
CRU AI Campus Signage
CRU AI Campus Custom ArrowsCRU AI Campus Signage
CRU AI Campus Typo
CRU AI Campus Poster
CRU AI Campus TypoCRU AI Campus Meeting Room
CRU AI Campus Typo

Where AI Comes
to Grow.


Merantix AG

Project Team

Lasse Giese
Sandra Stäbler
Jan Erlinghagen


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