A visual identity that is as fascinating and magical as the product they’re selling

Geothermal energy may seem nebulous and mysterious to the average person, even if they are interested in exploring sustainable energy. But underneath every home is treasure to be found: in the form of geothermal heat that can be turned into sustainable energy for generations. It’s free, endless, and infinite. This is Die Unendliche.

The Market
Geothermal Energy Provider

The Challenge
A complex and high-end product sold B2C and B2B2C.

The Outcome
A clear narrative, easy to tell. A fitting design, easy to like.

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Naming      Storytelling      Brand Identity      Website Design

website design      Brand identity      Storytelling      Naming

We created a visual identity that turned the mystery of geothermal energy production into magic. So we opted for bold typography and unexpected layouts, and created an ethereal, rainbow tinted 3D key animation for their homepage to give this impression.

There’s a Treasure Under Every Home.


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Project Team

Lasse Giese
‍Benjamin Clemens Nuebel
Sandra Stäbler
Jan Erlinghagen


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