Weekly Inspiration #8

Australia based agency Love+Money (what a name!) has launched a service called ToolKit. This enables users to bring brand guidelines from Figma to a web front-end. You can add all the brand elements in it, including motion design elements.

«LEE is a framework for an inclusive and action-oriented dialogue, building on the foundational wisdom of many brilliant thinkers and movements.» Nothing to add. Read for yourselves.

This is just a nice blog sharing scientific results, papers and research. Nice to read, not overly complicated. And pretty nice use of typography and typographical hierarchy.

Stumbled upon afterimage the other day. It is a Berlin-based studio that focusses on creative technology and generative design. They do everything from motion design to generative art. Some great work on their page.

Another Berlin-based agency — onformative — have released a conceptual study about a generative AI tool to explore AI as a co-creater to support the daily craft. Just a study for now, but hopefully available soon!

Ain interesting read about the two camps of design criticism. Either overly appreciative or completely destructive. There’s no real helpful critique anymore. Constructive feedback is gold. But rare. I think we as CRU can also learn a take or two from this.

Freshly launched new type foundry. It’s DIA’s own type foundry. I am so jealous right now. :D

Look at that smooth piece of website! https://doze.studio/ All those animations, hover effects etc. work perfectly!

Jan Erlinghagen
Creative Director / Co-Founder