Weekly Inspiration #7

As a child I spent hours reading comics with a flashlight in my self-built cave. And I will definitely pre-order the facsimile edition of DC Comics Styleguide once it’s available in the EU. It was originally released in 1982. The same year I was released. :D

Not really inspiration, but interesting enough, for me, that there is an ‹green› alternative for your mobile service provider. Not bad!

WeTransfer released a short manifesto by Natasha Khan on «how to birth art». Beautifully illustrated and definitely worth the short read.

Design podcast »A Change of Brand« started into its 5th season, starting with diving into the process of re-designing the job search platform Glassdoor.

Since we all have a slight faible for the color orange, I found this restaurant branding for Athens based restaurant Gaya. Luminous Design Group used orange as key color for the identity. I do especially like the very effective of  those thick ropes that hold the menus. Makes me want to travel to Athens right now. Jámas!

Another one from WeTransfer: They partnered with photo director Gem Fletcher to release a nice designed guide to help photographers navigate in a changing and challenging industry. PDF attached.

Jan Erlinghagen
Creative Director / Co-Founder