Weekly Inspiration #6

Winkreative share their perspectives on The Value of Brand and its importance on building a successful company. Some good takes we can use for our day-to-day communication with clients:

Spotify has released a new bespoke «sans-serif typeface that blends features from both classic and contemporary styles, creating a distinctive and unique look» called Spotify Mix.Spotify worked closely with Berlin based foundry Dinamo (where our own Favorit is from, too) to create Spotify Mix.

Not much too say about photographer Dan Carter (https://dancarter.co/). Just love his work.

«IT WILL BE EASY FOR AN AI SOFTWARE TO CREATE THOUSANDS OF VERSIONS OF HELVETICA.»Design inspiration blog The Brand Identity exlpores the future of type, together with the designers and owners of type foundries.

The latest release of the Apple pen has a nice reflection effect, that features the shape of your selected pen/brush type on your iPad. It also moves the tip of your writing tool when turning the pen between your fingers

Regarding recent circumstances
https://wirsindunrechts.de/ (Go vote against that racist scum on June 9th)

Every digital photographer probably knows Capture One. The company released a sharpened brand identity with a new custom typeface and a motion branding language, that «reflects the practice of taking a photograph itself».

In this weeks font heavy edition a game font shouldn’t miss. Andrew Bellamy’s Poly Mono was inspired by 8-Bit games and dutch type designer Karel Martens. Try it out for yourself:

Or read more about it here:

Augmented typography? Historical writing? Type on a screen? It’s Nice That explores how the medium shapes the message and therefor reflects the typographical design.

German design magazine Page shares an overview of works rewarded by Type Directors Club.

Another addition this unofficial typespiration edition is Type Base. Being offline for almost a decade it’s up and running again. In collaboration with Brandpad. It’s a platform dedicated to type design and fonts. And nerds.

A designy detail, but I love it: when you’re scrolling down on the case pages, the image descriptions add up, until you reach the end of the page and a «download press kit» button appears.

At the end of today edition there’s no link, but a quote from Leland Maschmeyer, Co-Founder of COLLINS, on what the definition of a brand is:

«When we think of brand, we think of brand as a logo, we think of it as the color, we think of it as a tagline, the stuff that we sort of wrap around a product or a company. That’s actually a misunderstanding of what brand is. The reality is, is that brand is differentiation.

That’s the easiest, best, most accurate definition that exists for brand. If you do not have a brand, you are a commodity. You do not stand out from the pack, which means you are not differentiated.

Differentiation is the fundamental purpose of brand, because it gives your clients and your consumer base a reason to buy your product or offering versus someone else’s, to see more value in yours versus someone else’s.»

Jan Erlinghagen
Creative Director / Co-Founder